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S.S. Bowls

Drain Cages for
Animal Shelters

Floor Racks

Tag Holders

Exam  Table

S.S. Bowel Rings

Van Transport
Conversion Units

Tub Tables

S.S. Runs


S.S. Caster Base 

Cage Dryer

IV- Hangers

Operating Table  

Stainless Cages 

Cat Condos

Cat Rest Shelves   

Oxygen Doors

Tub & Exam Table

High Quality Stainless Steel Animal Cages and Hospital Equipment
For Veterinarians and Animal Control Facilities.

Pet Stores And Groomer's

Alum. Tack Box

Grooming Tables

 Grooming Wash Sink

Grooming Arm Clamp

Grooming Arm

Wire Cages Dog Leads

Fiberglass Cages

Air Dryers Cage Dryer

Stainless Steel Runs 

Pioneers Yesterday . . . Leaders Today

Fix and Sons Incorporated is now the proud owner of the Dirck stainless steel line of cages. When the Dirck cage was first designed 78 years ago, it marked the beginning of a new era for veterinary and animal control operations.

By tapping new sources in the fields of research, design and construction, the Dirck cage soon became an industry frontrunner and remains at the top today. Fix and Sons offers a full line of singular and modular cages, and we have applied our extensive knowledge of the market into each of our products. The result is a cage that is sturdy, dependable and attractive.

Whether your need is a single cage, a bank of cages, accessories, or a custom designed cage, turn to the company that is leading the industry today because they pioneered it yesterday...Fix and Sons.

Look Through the products we offer.  If you don't see what you want, we will make one just for you.

Uwe Fix, President Fix and Sons Inc.

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Thank you for your interest in our High Quality Stainless Steel Products, Uwe!

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